The Dolphin Report

By Ron Poltorack


The Dolphins survived a trip to the Meadowlands on Monday Night Football, beating the Jets 16-13 thanks to a field goal with 1:57 left in the game and a defense that finally was able to seal the win in crunch time.  Playing a 2-9 team, the Fins trailed most of the night, scoring 10 of their 16 points on their last 2 possessions (not counting the “take a knee” possession to run out the final 34 seconds following Rashad Jones’ seal the deal interception).  With the win the Fins cling to the last wildcard spot so although it was quite unimpressive, the Fins are still alive.

After seeing the Broncos rack up 201 yards on the ground last week against the Fins, it was no surprise to see the Jets come out pounding the ball.  What was a surprise was just how the Fins’ let them do so in the first half when they ran 29 times for 210 yards (7.2-yard average).  It was truly amazing that the Fins’ seemed to respect the Jets’ passing attack in the first half when it netted only 22 yards on 3 of 6 passing.  Only after the intermission did Fins’ Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle wise up and start stuffing the box against a team that doesn’t even trust its own quarterback (either one of them!).

With the Fins concentrating on stopping the run in the second half, they yielded “only” 67 yards on the ground after halftime.  Meanwhile, Geno Smith went the first 58 minutes of the game with only 8 pass attempts.  That changed when the Fins’ finally took their first lead of the game with 1:57 left.  But what didn’t change was the Jets’ ineptitude in the passing game as Smith then completed 3 of 5 for 23 yards, with his last pass resulting in the interception that effectively ended the game.

Apparently, Rashad Jones and the officials (not to mention the Jets’ coaching staff) went brain dead after the interception.  In his excitement, Jones started to run.  He was brought to reality by other Dolphin players who convinced him to just go down (which was the right thing because at that point only a fumble could jeopardize what was otherwise a sure win).  But one thing which went unnoticed was that no Jets’ player had touched him after he started running following the interception.  No Jets’ player touched him before he went down.  He was not down by contact.  He wasn’t a QB sliding feet first (which he did not do in either event).  He was not tackled; the play should not have been over.  But Dolphin players started celebrating, including a number who stepped onto the field from the sidelines.  Lucky the officials did not throw a flag for too many men on the field or unsportsmanlike conduct.  And such a penalty would not have been a dead ball foul because the ball should not have been declared dead in the first place.  But it wasn’t called that way because no one figured it out.  Too late now.

Ryan Tannehill was not impressive in the win as he accounted for a mere 77.7 QB Rating, a performance usually “good” enough to ensure a loss.  But he was matched up against Geno Smith who went 7 of 13 for 65 yards which “earned” him a 35.7 QB Rating.  And that is why the Jets’ passing game did not deserve the respect it was afforded in the first half.  Fortunately, the Jets let the Fins hang around long enough until they could score 10 fourth quarter points to pull out the win.  One of the reasons the Dolphins were able to hang around was that the Jets’ missed 2 easy interceptions, either of which could have changed the result and lowered Tannehill’s Rating below 77.7.

No one can be happy that the Fins’ defense gave up 277 yards on the ground or that Tannehill had a poor outing.  Nevertheless, the win means that the Fins’ can make the playoffs by winning out (and likely even by winning 3 of their last 4 games).  While the unimpressive effort proved enough to beat the Jets, the key is that the Fins are still alive.


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