The Dolphin Report

By Ron Poltorack


Remember 2 short weeks ago.  The Fins were riding a 3-game winning streak and optimism seemed to abound for a team that finally seemed to have found its quarterback of the future and seemed like it was finally heading upward.  Following a truly horrible loss to the Tennessee Titans, the optimism of 2 short weeks ago now seems as empty as the stands (at the stadium which still should be called Joe Robbie) were in the 4th quarter.  The 37-3 loss to the Titans was truly embarrassing.

There was no silver lining in this loss as all phases of the Fins team failed.  The offense was inept.  The defense was porous.  Special teams were anything but special.  The team came out flat as if the team’s pregame meal was laced with sleeping pills.  They played without heart and as the embarrassment mounted with the score, they looked like a collection of losers, waiting for the game to end so they could take a quick shower and escape.

There were drops.  There were penalties.  There were turnovers.  What there wasn’t . . . was resiliency, effort, heart.

And you can’t point fingers.  After all, nobody has 60 fingers.  You can’t just point to the 45 who dressed for this game.  The coaching staff must take blame.  And don’t forget the GM.  Everyone that had anything to do with putting this team together and getting them ready to play the game failed miserably.

There’s no use talking about game statistics, either individual stats or team stats, because everyone stunk on Sunday.  The question is larger than poor statistics.  Far more telling than the absence of any particular statistical success on Sunday (when there was none) was the absence of heart.  Where was the pride?

Quite simply, the performance (and it is hard to even use that word with a straight face) was abysmal against the Tennessee Titans.  It was so abysmal that the Titans did not look like a team who entered the game 3-6 and were coming off a 51-20 loss.  But the heartless Fins made them look like world beaters.  This was the worst Fins’ loss since an epic playoff loss sent both Jimmy Johnson and Dan Marino into retirement over a decade ago.   It was the Fins’ worst regular season loss in 15 years.  What else can one say . . . it was a total embarrassment.  

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